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Papaya piggy bank

Why use Papaya Payments?

Papaya piggy bank

Increase Collections

71% of Papaya users pay in full within two weeks.

Easier for Your Patients

92% of patients prefer to pay on mobile or online.

No Commitment

You can cancel your subscription at any time, though Papaya will remain free for our founding partners.

No Integration Required

Papaya doesn't require you to change anything about how you handle billing.

No Set Up Required

Just tell your patients they can start paying with mobile or online.


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Pay-by-picture mobile payments check
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Marketing collateral
(stickers, bill inserts, etc.)

How Papaya Payments Works

It's easy to get started

Simply put "Pay-by-picture with Papaya – Get the app at" onto your bills. We'll send you stickers or bill inserts, or walk you through how to add it in your bill printing software.

Why use Papaya Payments?

With Papaya, patients can now pay with their phone (iTunes or Google Play) or from their computer. And of course, they can still call or mail in their payment. More options means more money for you.

Secure Billing

Secure Billing
All billing information is delivered securely to your HIPAA-compliant Papaya Portal
How Papaya works How Papaya works

Medical institutions across the United States accept payments through Papaya Payments